"When I first sought to purchase property in Massachusetts, I sought to work with a broker that was recommended by my lending agent. At the time, I was living in New Hampshire, so all interactions were electronic (phone, email). I never actually got a chance to physically meet with her. I did not get a strong feeling that she (not necessarily through any fault of her own) understood my needs and desires in regards to a new home. It was at this time that I noticed (though our friendship status on Facebook) that Albert Surabian was a Realtor.   This was ideal for me. I had worked at the same company with Albert for several years, and afterward we maintained a social media friendship. I felt confident that he would be able to "hit the ground running" and be able to help me find a new home in a timely manner. This was a time sensitive move, and I do admit that I was probably communicating a lot of that pressure onto Albert. Still, Albert was always very positive and professional, using functional tool to find the best fit for my family.   Long story short, working with Albert was relatively painless. He was great to work with and made the process seem almost easy. We found the right house, and we are very happy."

---Joel  S. G.

"My son, Patrick, has had Al as a soccer coach for three years.  Al has a great rapport with the kids, he's out there showing the moves and techniques as well as practicing with them, building a team.  He has a way of coaching and teaching that keeps the kids persevering and building upon their skills with each practice.  It's wonderful to watch." 

--- Linda J. Brennan

 "Coach Al was adaptive, changing his coaching to suit the kids' needs, a very good coach."

 --- Patrick S. Brennan

"Albert - I have always found and witnessed that regardless of the journey, there is one or more persons that stand out, live and drive hard with passion and excellence! You naturally inspire those of us around you and who work with you to strive for the best! Although my exit was unplanned but expedieted for a very unusual circumstance - it only strengthens my convictions, treat people the way you want to be treated and you will always be successful! You SHOUT SUCCESS and I so appreciate a year of working with you - it was a gift, and I am grateful! Keep dreaming big and bigger! You are certainly capable and will be rewarded in your professional life with more opportunities to reach higher and on the way up you will inspire, encourage, and bless other people, in the walk of life. I hope we touch base via cell in a couple of weeks and toast to last year, getting to know one another and staying in touch! I appreciate all of your support and help - it was tremendous and I truly feel blessed! If I walk away with nothing out from the last year - that was worth every minute! You are a solid and gifted professional! An honor to work with you bud! 

--All the best, John


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